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It is cold but not cold enough to reduce the heat.
You're burning,
Insides lapped by flames.
You're hot to the touch;
We can feel the fire trying to grab us.
I hope it does.
Come join me;
We can burn together.
Laying on the bed of coals,
Lavished in my embers.
Come join me.
It's cold being alone.
If we are very quiet,
Maybe we can stay right here.
Don't move;
Don't breathe;
Just stay quietly,
And maybe we won't have to move.
If you curl here beside me,
And this shield is my refuge,
We will slink away into the dark
Where no one can see;
No one can find. 
We can hide away,
Just you and me,
And I'll tell you stories
About a time when we didn't have to hide.
I'll tell you about a time
When we were never cold,
And when we were never sad.
A time you wouldn't remember.
But that time is past,
And until it comes again,
We can make a wall to block the world.
We can stay right here,
No temptation to torture us.
No teasers to twist us.
Just be very quiet now,
And maybe we can stay right here.
We can be dancing
To a song of free.
We can be showered
By a sky of diamonds.
We can be laughing
At the nothing of air.
We could be walking
Through a path of ease. 
We can be warm
As we move through the cold.
We can be content
When pushed through many.
We can be happy
While the world cries.
We can be understood
If sweet voices die.

But we can't. 
So I won't.

Until then, I'll stay asleep
And wait for my dreamer to wake me from the shelter of dreams.
I'm sorry.
I can't care.
I still have to go to bed alone.

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Wade into the water
Just to see where you can go.
Go a little deeper;
Go a little steeper.
Play with the lace
That dangles on the edge.
Slide down a little;
Fall down a little.
Take in a deep breath,
Because it's the last one you'll have.
Keep your eyes closed;
Follow the path wherever it goes.
As the earth swallows,
Listen to its song.
Go and sing along;
Go and dance along.
Let the water move you
As you can't go any further.
Just cry a little;
Just die a little.
Think about the future,
The one you are destined to have.
Ponder just a bit;
Don't you ever quit.
Remember that tomorrow
Is close to another, better day.
Hold on stronger;
Hold on longer.
In just two days
Things are going to change. 
Change for the better;
Strange for the better.
Wade into the water
Just  to see how far you can go.
Today is just one day;
Today is just fucking Thursday.

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