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There was just me-
Everything that I did
Everything that I was
Nothing else but all that I am
And then there was something else-
A crack of something
A smudge of something
Something else beneath
And it grew-
The something you introduced
Overwhelmed my everything
Revealing something new
And it unveiled something ugly-
But with every crack
And every smudge
You made it beautiful
And then I understood.
Just don't.
You don't have the right to
Play Victim

Like you've never done anything to me.
Why do you think we are in this situation anyway?

Don't you dare
Play that crap with me.

Do you think that's the way to win me back?
Because now I'm not only
And lost
And confused
And going through some sort of serious crisis
But now

How do you think I feel?

This is not how to make it better.
This made it worse.

I love you.


But I dont know how to do this-
No one will tell me what to do

So stop
Look at what I've done

You know how some people have doubts
And everyone thinks
"Well if she's thinking it now"
Don't you feel that way?
Well, if I'm doing this now

You are a complication
That I can't afford to keep

You make me question
My life
My thoughts
My everything

You will always be my everything

It's just crap.

You stopped talking.

You did this.


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It is
in the evening
I don't know
how I am going to make it
through the next
five minutes.
It has been
two minutes
and I already
have started to cry.
I have tried
so hard
so hard
to stop
but I just do not know how
to make all of
these tears
Make it through
one more minute,
one more -
But why?
Why do I
have to try?
Why do I
have to stop?
Why is it my job
to be okay
when it is so
that I am not okay?
I do not
even know
what the hell
I am supposed to do now.
So I ask you,
after another minute,
another minute,
I ask you,
my strangers,
my nobodies,
I ask you,
what am I supposed to do
when I do not know
what I want
and what I need
and what I feel
because it is
too hard
to remember how to feel
Another minute.
Another minute.
It is
in the evening
I do not know,
do not remember
who I am-
what I am.
How am I supposed
to make it
another minute,
another minute?


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